FAQs - RIMS Registration

How do I register a RIMS account?

See How to Register a RIMS Account.


I am an external user. Should I use the RIMS registration process to establish my user profile and billing account?

No, A RIMS user account for new external users is established as part of the overall paperwork process that external users go through with the facilities administrative and technical staff to create an external account. (See New User Guidelines.)


Why won't the RIMS registration accept my budget and fund number?

Budget numbers take the form 123-45 and are all numeric (three numbers, a dash, then two more numbers); enter the budget number your advisor has given you to use for your facilities charges. Enter the Fund number your advisor has given you that goes with the Budget number you entered previously; fund numbers are four characters (alphanumeric) in length with a 0 (zero) on the end; in UFIS, you will enter only the first four characters and then the system will automatically enter the trailing 0;


What if I don't know my budget's cost center?

When you submit your billing request, your advisor will receive an email asking for an account approval. Your advisor can make additions or revisions to your budget information before submitting the final authorization.


What if I don't have a cost center?

Cost centers are not a required field of information. If your budget does not have a cost center, simply leave the field blank.


Why is it taking so long for my billing account to be entered into RIMS?

It should take approximately 24 hours after you receive the e-mail indicating that your advisor has approved your billing account request, to be entered into your RIMS list of projects. Is your advisor aware that you requested a billing account and that he/she should be expecting an authorization request e-mail? These e-mails can sometimes be overlooked or captured by a SPAM filter.


What should I do if my advisor never received the authorization request e-mail?

E-mail leohelp@psu.edu and ask that the authorization e-mail be sent to your advisor again. Remind your advisor to look for the email and to respond right away.