FAQs - Getting Started

How do I get a user account in RIMS?

New internal users submit an online request for a RIMS user account by clicking on the registration link on the right sidebar of the www.rims.psu.edu page. You will be directed to a web-based data collection system. Enter the required information to (1) create a user profile and (2) create a billing account. Your advisor will receive an email in which he/she will approve/deny your billing account request. The resulting approval will be directed to the RIMS helpdesk where it will be manually verified and transferred to appear in RIMS within approximately 24 hours after a user record request is submitted or a billing account PI approval is received. A RIMS user account for new external users is established as part of the overall paperwork process that external users go through with the facilities administrative and technical staff to create an external account. (See New User Guidelines)

I already have a RIMS user account but I get a "we cannot find you" error message when I try to log in.

If your RIMS user name was not set up to match your Penn State Access Account ID, you will not be able to authenticate successfully to access the system.  E-mail leohelp@psu.edu to request that your RIMS user name be reset to match your Penn State Access Account ID.

Can I log in with someone else’s user ID and password because mine isn’t working?

No, it is a violation of Penn State Policy AD95 Information Assurance and IT Security to transmit to, share with, or divulge to others your passwords related to computer accounts and network access.   Per Section II of AD20 regarding Responsibilities Related to Access to and Use of Computer and Network Resources for System Users, users are responsible for safeguarding passwords and/or other sensitive access control information related to their own accounts or network access.  Violation of any provision of this policy may result in suspension of access, disciplinary and/or judicial action, initiation of legal action, and requirement of the violator to provide restitution for any improper use of service.

Why is my user profile deactivated?

If you are an internal user, the most likely reason your RIMS user profile has been deactivated is because you are no longer showing up in the Penn State Access Account directory.  That typically indicates an issue with your human resources paperwork or appointment status that you will need to rectify with your advisor or academic department.  Another reason for deactivated user account status may be that you have not had a valid billing project attached to your user profile for an extended period of time.  Users should e-mail leohelp@psu.edu to inquire as to how you can get your user profile switched back to active status.  If you are an external user whose user profile has been deactivated, the reactivation of your account may include completing updated external account/order paperwork.