How to Register a RIMS Account


Penn State University users:

  1. In the right sidebar, click on Register;
  2. Enter your Penn State Access Account userID and password;
  3. The main RIMS Registration screen appears; Click on Create Your User Profile and follow the instructions;
  4. Next, click on Add A Billing Account and complete the request form using information provided by your advisor/principal investigator(PI):

    If your billing account information looks like this: 0102345 UPABCD0 Example; enter it in the Budget field like this:

    123-45 (drop the zeros) ABCD (drop the zero) NSF (optional cost center*)

    Funding Source: If you know the source of your funding, enter it in this field using the pre-populated dropdown list. If you do not know your funding source, use the Unknown option.

    Research Classification: This is an optional field to indicate the general nature of the project.

    PI Access Account Userid:  Enter the Web Access Account userID (abc123) for your advisor/PI so the project can be set up under his/her name in RIMS.

    *Cost center names are limited to ten characters. Not all accounts have cost centers, therefore this is not a required field.

  5. Watch for an e-mail indicating that your advisor/PI has approved your billing account request;
  6. You may want to remind your advisor/PI to approve your billing account request to keep the process moving;
  7. Approximately 24 hours after you receive the e-mail indicating that your advisor/PI has approved your billing account request, look for the billing account in your RIMS list of projects.

Non-PSU users:
A RIMS user account for new external users is established as part of the overall paperwork process that external users go through with the facilities administrative and technical staff to create an external account. See New User Guidelines for details.