New User Guidelines

Can the User Research Facilities help you with your research? 
The User Research Facilities link provides access to technical contacts for each facility group.  Contact the appropriate personnel to thoroughly discuss your needs. Determine if you will ask the facilities staff to perform your research for you or if you will become a personally trained equipment operator.

User Registration
Penn State University users:
Visit and click on Register to create a user profile and billing account.

Non-PSU users:
Complete the Academic Research Services Order (ARSO). If you plan to become a personally trained equipment operator, complete the ARSO and the External User Term Sheet (EUTS). Additional users on your project should complete the New User Form.

Entry into any lab at Penn State requires Safety Training through Penn State’s Environmental Health & Safety (EHS).  See the Training Requirements link on the MRI website for more information and scheduling.

See establishing building and lab access for Non-PSU users (on-site users only) specific training requirements of the Nanofab Laboratory Cleanroom and Materials Characterization Laboratories in the Millennium Science Complex.

Other specific EHS training may be required depending upon the lab to be used.  Your technical contact will provide additional information as needed.

Individual equipment training will be required and can be scheduled by contacting the appropriate technical or administrative staff for each facility.

Building Access
Penn State University Users:
Access to the Millennium Science Complex and labs within will be granted upon successful completion of all required training.

Non-PSU Users:
Depending on your circumstance you may be required to apply for a for-fee Penn State Access Account ($13/month) and access card. (additional information

Parking & other information

Rates for Penn State University users:
Nanofabrication Laboratory [pdf]
Materials Characterization Laboratory [pdf]

Rates for non-PSU users are available upon request; contact:
Leeanna Horner
User-Facilities Coordinator
N-315 Millennium Science Complex
(814) 867-3719

Lab Tracking
Your accrued charges will be managed by the Research Instrumentation Management System (RIMS), which is a web-based software tool for reserving, tracking, and billing facilities usage.

RIMS billing is based on a monthly billing cycle for invoice generation and distribution.  Around the 5th of each month, the Principal Investigator (PI) will receive their previous month invoice(s) as PDF documents attached to an e-mail message from

Penn State University users will pay their invoice via the University financial/accounting system automated direct bill process. 
Non-Penn State University user’s invoice payment should be remitted to the address on the invoice, terms net 30.  External payment can be made in the form of check, credit card, or electronic transfer.